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Published in Single speed

Aluminium enclosure single-speed transmission with double tractive force for professional machines.

The internal traction system is the same as in other models, but applied so as the tractive force is doubled.
Base model with “Pulley over the box” and possibility to have a version with “Pulley below”.

New version of BCDMT with the possibility to install a 14mm output shaft.  


Lubrication: hydraulic oil
Pull rope for clutch traction: standard cable with spring or cable with only “Z” ends
Clutch lever torque: 3 kg. max
Shaft: ø 14mm or  12 mm.
Shaft rotation: CW/CCW
Application: professional machines
Weight: 1,4 kg

Reduction Maximum input speed (RPM) Pulleys
1:9 3000 55-60-70
1:6 3400

Bronze gear

Internal traction system patented by Bi.Ci.Di. Srl.
If you want a prototype to test on your machine, download here the brochure in PDF format  or request information from the Contact page.


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