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Published in Single speed

Single-speed transmission in aluminum enclosure with "o-ring"

Lubrication: hydraulic oil.
Pull rope for clutch traction: standard cable with spring or cable with only “Z” ends.
Clutch lever torque : 2.5 kg max
ø 12mm.
Shaft rotation
: CW / CCW
lawn mower and others.
Weight: 1 Kg


Reduction Maximum input speed (RPM) Available Pulleys
1:9 3000 55-60
1:6 3400
1:18 3400

 ingranaggio-nylon-1va Available Gears  ingranaggio-bronzo-1va
Nylon gear
bronze gear
Nylon gear Bronze gear


Traction system patented by Bi.Ci.Di. Srl.
If you want a prototype to test on your machine, download here the brochure in PDF format  or request information from the Contact page.

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